Waste Nation

One woman's crusade to end food waste.

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Ronni Kahn used to be a collaborator in Australia’s annual $10bn food waste bill when she ran a successful corporate events company. Then she realised the absurdity of throwing away perfectly edible food, and abandoned capitalism in favour of social activism, launching the food rescue company OzHarvest. 

Now, she’s taking on politicians and big business in a gamble to expose a scandalous truth: that four million tonnes of edible food is discarded every year while up to two million Australians suffer from food insecurity.

Filmed over two years, Waste Nation follows Ronni’s journey across Australia and the globe as she aims to bring an end to this dirty secret. 

How Screen Impact is working with Waste Nation: Screen Impact is managing the theatrical release and accompanying impact campaign for Waste Nation. We will give the film an innovative release with impact partners including OzHarvest, to ensure the film inspires behaviour change around food waste and educates the next generation.  

Filmmakers: Dan Goldberg, Mint Pictures 

Website: http://www.wastenationfilm.com/ 

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/WasteNation/ 

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