What if a game could change your life?

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Poppy Stockell’s award-winning film goes behind the scenes as teams prepare and battle for the Gay Rugby World Cup. A self-assured Canadian jock, a sweet-natured Irish backpacker and a stoic Japanese outsider and their dedicated coach show how sport can breakdown stereotypes and lead to acceptance.

How we worked with SCRUM: Screen Impact’s key objective was to maximise SCRUM’s potential to raise awareness about homophobia in sport and boot it out for good through exploiting the available rights and complementing existing campaign efforts. Since picking up the film in April 2016, we have organised a government screening of the film, formed strategic alliances with organisations already working to grow tolerance in sport, nurtured the film’s audience database and made the film more widely available across other VOD platforms. 

Watch the film | SCRUM is now available to watch online here. You can also head to the website to learn more about how to host your own screening.

Filmmakers | Poppy Stockell, Andrew Purchas

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Watch the trailer here.


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